The Process & What to Expect

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Chiropractic

We also applaud you for taking responsibility for your health by joining us in the exciting journey towards health and wellness with Chiropractic.

This page is designed to provide you with a basic overview of Chiropractic and what you can expect when you come to our office.

New Patient Paperwork and Exam

Before starting under Chiropractic care, our Doctors will first have you complete some simple New Patient paperwork either by printing & filling-out the form before you come in or if you wish you can complete it in the office when you first come in. This paperwork gives our Doctors your health history and a starting point for them to begin assessing your current health status and specific concerns you may have.

Once the paperwork is completed, our friendly staff will introduce you to our Chiropractor. Our Doctor will then go through an even more thorough health history in order to determine the source of any health challenges you may currently be experiencing. Following this thorough health history a relevant and thorough physical and neurological examination will be completed. If deemed necessary, digital spinal x-rays will then be taken in our office. Our fully digital DR X-Ray system provides instant images of your spine to help our Doctors determine and locate any problems.

Once the Doctor reviews your x-rays they will then deliver the appropriate Chiropractic Adjustment. Once finished with the Doctor, our staff will then book you 2 more appointments. The next appointment is your "report of findings" which is another private appointment where you will sit down with the Doctor to see your x-rays and to review the best recommendations for care. Most patients will begin their care following this appointment and receive their next adjustment and/or spinal decompression.