The Adjustments

The nervous system is the master controller of every part of the body.

Spinal adjustments improve joint range of motion, realign the spine, remove nerve interference, and restore the proper tone of the nervous system and spinal cord, allowing the body's own natural, inborn intelligence to properly function and heal.

There are many different ways of adjusting the spine, and each technique is specifically tailored to the individual patient's request and the health of their spine. Our Doctors are proficient in many different adjusting techniques in order to be able to adjust each person in a preferred and appropriate manner.

Our Doctors are also able to adjust patients who may not want, or are not candidates, for a manual-type adjustment. The Chiropractic adjusting instrument known as "The Integrator" is a very effective way to correct subluxations and remove stress from the nervous system. With this instrument, our Doctors do not have to use any form of physical manipulation because it gently releases stress from the nervous system directly, rather than manipulate the bones of the spine to do so.

The Integrator


The Integrator™ is a chiropractic adjusting instrument that was developed out of a randomized clinical trial, blinded and with placebo control. The study was designed by Robert Duncan, Ph. D., biostatistician, at the University of Miami, School of Medicine, together with the Holder Research Institute and founded in part by a grant from the Florida Chiropractic Society. Years of development, testing and design went into creating an instrument that would deliver that 3rd dimensional dynamic that adjusting by hand embraced but that no other instrument in chiropractic delivered; "TORQUE" and "RECOIL". THE INTEGRATOR reproduces the entire thrust and movement components of TOGGLE RECOIL, the classic Chiropractic Method of adjusting by hand at a speed of 1/10,000th of a second. Previously, no instrument in chiropractic history had been able to reproduce what the hands were intended to do!

Our doctors utilize a wide variety of techniques from the most commonly known "Diversified" technique, to MC2, toggle-recoil, drop-table adjustments, and low-force instrument adjustments. For our pediatric patients, we rely on instrument adjustments, cranio-sacral adjustments, and "toggle" adjustments using the infant head piece.