Nicky P.

From the age of 13, I have felt constant fatigue, lack of energy and flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, dry cough, blocked sinuses and a 'foggy' head. I always wanted to be in bed, and when I tried to do any exercise, I got worse. I have felt like this for the last 20 years and there have been very few days when I didn't suffer with these symptoms. During all those years, all aspects of my life were affected.

When I tried to use extra energy for a physical activity i.e. aerobics, household chores, DIY, yoga, or even a night out could often lead to a 2 to 6 week stint of worse symptoms including a severe cough that prevented me from sleeping. It seemed my immune system was at an "all time low." I found visits to my GP futile and frustrating. I was told I had the 'common cold' and be told, "There's a lot of it going around at the moment."

Within the last few years, I have worked hard at living a healthy lifestyle. I walk daily, do not smoke, seldom drink alcohol, or smoke. I do not eat diary or meat and eat lots of organic food. I felt an improvement after these lifestyle changes but I still felt unwell.

After starting under Chiropractic care, I felt worse for the first 2 adjustments, and then all of a sudden, I noticed a big difference. My chest felt an 'openness' and after previously feeling breathless for my daily dog walk, I had a 'spring' in my step and energy for the first time in a very long time. I also started back at swimming and step aerobics.After about 10 adjustments, I had a record weekend full of activity - I walked the dog twice, cut the grass, pruned the shrubs, step aerobics twice, got together with friends and went dancing until 3:00 a.m.! Before, just one of those activities would have left me flaked out. I'd never felt better and it was wonderful. I also feel more alert, able to concentrate, have a better memory and no 'tightness' in a stressful situation.

The adjustments to my nervous system have had a dramatic effect on my health. However it would be naive of me to think that from now on I don't have to do anything else to stay healthy. I shall continue to do aerobics, eat healthy, organic foods, and I am learning to meditate to help deal with the emotional stresses that are a part of life. I am also continuing my commitment to chiropractic care. Nature's 'drug-free' way is the only option for me.

I'm eternally grateful to my friend, Karen Skelton for suggesting Chiropractic for me.

Karen R.

I WAS A SKEPTIC! How could small adjustments fix my arthritic back, slipped discs, headaches, lack of sleep and sore muscles? After a Chiropractic health talk, watching an adjustment take place, I began to wonder... Waking up daily with a gnawing ache in my back was getting to be a common thing for me at 35 years old! After my first adjustment the stabbing pain stopped. Then with each adjustment I'd have tingling sensations in my arms and neck, my breathing would become deeper...RELAXATION at last. Now I sleep all night, no headaches and my painful back (when it does happen) goes away within a day or less. Chiropractic has helped my "inborn wisdom" to work properly. THANK-YOU!!! See you on the adjusting table...

Gerald K.

As a result of childhood trauma at birth and an active life, I have lived with migraine headaches, sinusitis, low back and leg pain and high stress for years. Therefore I was skeptical that chiropractic would be of any benefit and improve my health, as I already exercised regularly and had a healthy diet.

Over the past year, the benefits of being adjusted have been enormous. No migraines, sinusitis or low back pain. Headaches have been virtually non-existent. The one thing I have to learn is to control emotional stress and learn to relax. I now believe that chiropractic is of major benefit and should be part of a persons health plan alongside exercise and a healthy diet.

Maureen L.

Before chiropractic care I suffered from: regular migraine attacks, high stress levels, low self esteem, taking too many painkillers and regular intake of beta blockers. By chance, 2 years ago I decided to take a free spinal check at a chiropractic office. This was my first experience of being examined holistically and being asked that crucial question, "How committed are you to becoming well?" I said that I was very committed but didn't realize how tough it would be - but how worthwhile. Gradually the adjustments, support and encouragement enabled me to start tackling my problems slowly and one by one. I reduced my drug intake and eventually stopped the beta-blockers. I felt so empowered at this point and much more in control of my life. I now had the confidence to continue on my road to health. Positive feelings have replaced my negative feelings. I still suffer from migraine attacks but not so frequently. I rarely take painkillers for them.

My continued chiropractic care has become a very important element in my life and Chiropractors have proven to be very caring committed practitioners. I now understand the meaning of being committed to your health and having patience. Results do not come overnight. I am convinced I would not have had the courage to embark on my plan without chiropractic care. I am in charge of my health and I am currently working on stress management.

Thank you for all that you do!

Karen R.

Before seeing a Chiropractor I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for almost 8 years. I had been through the "healthcare system", seen osteopaths and other chiropractors, but had not been helped. I was told to learn to live with my back problem - namely degenerative discs. I attended a pain management course and felt that my lifestyle would not improve over time. I took maximum doses of high dose pain relief medications for 4 years as well as Prozac to attempt to improve my low moods and self esteem. Since starting in March of 2001, although improvement did not happen overnight I can honestly say my life has turned around. I no longer take any pain relief medication; I do still get pain on occasion but I have learnt to deal with it by stretching instead. I am really grateful for Chiropractic helping me to improve my health and along with that enjoy life without constant pain.

Sylvia C.

I first visited a Chiropractor in October 2001. At that time I was suffering from severe pain in my back and legs, the result of a virus, which attacked the nerves in my sacral plexus and had left me unable to walk for ten months. Finally when I was able to walk again, it was with a severe limp (and the aid of a stick), which put a strain in my spine and twisted my pelvis, the end result was more, and different, pain. My right leg twisted to such a degree that my right foot was turned inwards.

The virus episode was nine years ago and therefore my body had been put under a lot of physical stress. After being put on steroids and pain killers, trying TENS machines and having injections into my spine I had been told by doctors and neurologists that there was nothing that could be done to help me, unfortunately I would have to learn to live with the pain and disability. Walking was a nightmare and I could only walk VERY short distances before the pain was so severe that I had to rest.

In addition to the above I was experiencing two or three migraines per week and on the days that I didn't have a migraine my neck hurt and I had a headache. I was constantly tired and found it very difficult to sleep through the night.

Before I was thirty years old I had needed a number of stomach operations and while I didn't think these had any long term affects on my overall health, my Chiropractor pointed out that these would have caused additional stress to my nervous system.

To try to help myself I had visited an osteopath, tried all kinds of homeopathic remedies and was at the point where I was beginning to think ' this is my lot, I'll have to live with it.'

One year on from my first visit to my Chiropractor I can honestly say my life has changed. If I have one migraine in a month, it's been a bad month!

The secondary pains in my back are negligible - I am not saying I am totally pain free, I still suffer pain from the damaged nerves caused by the virus - but my quality of life has improved 100% in the last year. My right foot only turns inwards now if I have overdone things or am physically tired and I sleep much better that I have slept for years. Even the health of my aging dog has improved because I can now take him to the park for a walk!

My Doctor has helped my body to help itself and I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone.

Jessica F.

I had continual headaches and migraines, back pains, dizzy spells and trouble sleeping and I'm only 12! Since I have started chiropractic care, I haven't had any dizzy spells and I only get headaches occasionally. I also sleep much longer at night. I still have occasional pains in my lower back but this is often from horseback riding. I enjoy coming to the chiropractor so much that I'm thinking of becoming a chiropractor as well!

Patricia M.

When I first started to see a Chiropractor I had been experiencing a high degree of stress in my professional life and had suffered from lower and upper back pain for some years. One of the stress related symptoms was not sleeping properly. Soon after starting chiropractic care; I started to sleep through the night, and on my stomach, which had not happened for at least ten years! My back and neck pain has also subsided. Since visiting the Chiropractor my sense of well-being has increased and I greatly value the holistic care given in a professional and caring environment.

Ashok M.

My first VERTIGO attack happened when I was getting ready to leave for Cape Town, South Africa, in July 2000. At that time I did not know what was happening to me except that I was unstable and nauseous and got sick en-route to the Airport and again after reaching there. I had one mild and one severe attack during my 3 week stay in South Africa. Doctors prescribed VERTIN after the first attack and Antibiotics after the second and more severe attack. Both lasted for about 36 hours. Thereafter I was fine and thought I had overcome the problem. However 18 months later at home in Delhi, I had another attack and during the course of the attack my symptoms were [a] a reduction of hearing in my left ear [b] inability to walk straight, and [c] nausea and the feeling that my room and all its contents were moving. I decided to do something and at the behest of my family doctor, I had my ears tested for just about everything, MRI scan of the brain and colour ultrasound of the Carotid arteries in my neck. I sought the opinions of two neurologists, two ENT specialists and apart from being told that the general deteriorations were in line with my age [I am 60 years old] there was some imbalance in my two ears. My business takes me to USA quite often and I had heard of the very famous Mayo clinic where they had the ability to diagnose just about anything, so I made an appointment at the Jacksonville, Florida branch of Mayo Clinic and underwent tests over 3 days. I was on balance testing machines, spun around in chairs with infrared cameras strapped over my eyes, Audiometry and everything possible. Thousands of Dollars later I was told I had 'MENIERES' disease [I already knew], there was an imbalance between my two ears of 59% and that I should eat less salt! All this I had seen on the internet under 'MENIERES' disease! One of my daughters, Ayesha had graduated from the school of Oriental and African studies and a college mate of hers had heard her talk about my problem! He told her that his sister had suffered acute pain in the neck, back and shoulders for years and after two sessions the pain had literally disappeared. She went on to have 18 sessions and appears to be fully cured. Meanwhile I had also seen several Homeopathic doctors in India and the frequency of my getting VERTIGO attacks had become almost once a week. I grudgingly made an appointment to get checked by the Chiropractor and also attend the evening health talk for the 'freshmen'! From 5th June onwards, I had approximately 15 sessions before I left for a business trip to USA. I had a mild attack after a non-stop and very bumpy 5½ hour flight from New York to West Coast and another mild attack after my New York to London flight. During these attacks I felt slightly uneasy but no spinning or bad nausea. I had 3 more 'Appointments' before flying to Delhi in early August and as of today, 26 August I have not had another attack. My previous attacks would leave me without energy after 24-36 hours. I am still surprised as to how these 'adjustments' which are gentle taps to the spine can make a 'Miraculous' improvement to my Vertigo! I will be back for adjustments every time I am in town and will recommend that anybody with any ailment should see a Chiropractor before popping dangerous allopathic pills.